Fake Identity Education

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connecticut fake id scannable fake driver licenseIdboss Identification develops, manufactures and manages systems that link people and their identity inextricably with each other.

Idboss Identification is the first solution provider to electronically integrate and secure the entire chain of application, data transmission, production and issuance related to providing national identification documents under maximum security conditions. This closed system guarantees that the individual and identification ( I = ID ) remain inextricably bound. The generated ID documents meet open standards to allow them to be used with all applications meeting open criteria.

If you’re like most people you haven’t spend a great deal of time researching Identity theft. Unfortunately most victims get educated after the fact. If you been a victim of id theft or you are here to educate yourself so you can prevent it from happening to you…

Identification theft and Identity Theft education is our mission Idboss

What is fake Identity Theft

Your identity is your most precious commodity. Who you are is much more than your name or even your social security number. Your identity is tied to your bank accounts, your residence, your career, your family and everything else that makes you – you.

Unfortunately your identity is in jeopardy.

In fact, it might be your identity is one of the 9.9 million identities lost in 2008 according to Javelin Report of 09. it could be that you’re already a victim but just don’t know it yet.

What is Identity Theft?

In the barest terms, fake identity theft or Identification fraud is having some portion of your identity, perhaps your social security number or a credit card, stolen and then used by the crooks for some form of monetary gain or illegal activity .

The Consequences of fake Identity Theft

When your identity is stolen, your personal and identifying information is compromised. This means that the thief can easily set up a credit card, line of credit, phone bill, rentals, etc. using your information. If they have the bill delivered to an address other than yours, you’ll be blissfully unaware of the mounting debt, delinquent payments and destruction of your credit score for long stretches of time. 

If your current credit cards accounts are stolen, you can find thousands of dollars spent on things you’ve never purchased on your next statement. While there are steps you can take to limit and even reverse the damage of identity theft, the consequences leave a lasting impression on your sense of security and, most of the time, on your purse strings as well.